Milcor Industries was founded in 1979, to provide manufacturers around the world, responsive procurement services. A pioneer in this field at the time, Milcor grew over the years to become the benchmark of this industry.

Milcor we strive to become as important to our clients and vendors as our clients and vendors are important to us. We look at it as a partnership.

In support of our services and solutions
Milcor has developed a Service Model:
Flexible enough to adjust quickly to new services, partnerships, alliances, technologies and business strategies to best serve our clients Agile enough to react to the immediate inventory needs including supply, inventory management and visibility, and reverse supply chain management Proven by delivering the visibility, connectivity and skill sets to think as all encompassing as possible.

With over 280 customers, OEMs and subcontractors, in Europe, Middle East and US,
Milcor is continuously answering the challenges of the 21st century. Our Service Model operates both inside and outside our walls to guarantee speed, focus, control and accountability. Milcor differentiates itself on the ability to select, acquire, and integrate strategic partners in a successful way. Knowledge, flexibility, resources and visibility provide the foundation and drive the support of our model, allowing for continual development with our clients while acclimating to the ever-evolving climate of the electronics industry.

With 80 years of combined management and electronics experience, the unique skills and knowledge sets of
Milcor ís founders were aptly suited to selecting suppliers and designing a model to keep pace with the changing requirements of the high-tech industry.

In this Internet age of .com virtual companies with an e-mail/voice mail approach to the outside world, exists a company dedicated to you the customer,
Milcor Industries. Our goal is to provide old-fashioned person-to-person service without voice mail, virtual people or corporate red tape.

Our business is
Worldwide Electronics Distribution from ONE Source and much more.

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